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Establishing Paternity To Create Bonds Between Parent And Child

A core area of our practice centers on paternity and child custody matters. Child custody is without a doubt an emotional area of law, and it can be difficult to resolve a couple’s differences. It is also an area where there is a great deal at stake for a family.

It is our job to help our clients, both married and unmarried, obtain custody determinations that are the right fit for parents and their children, for the family and for the future.

In every situation, we seek to obtain a fair and balanced custody determination and parenting plan by giving our clients the option of mediation services. We understand, however, that not all child custody disputes can be resolved outside of the courtroom, which is why we are always ready to take matters before a judge, if necessary.

We Set Realistic Expectations

The courts seek to foster custody solutions that involve both parents spending as much time as possible with their children. We understand that coming to terms with this reality may be hard for some parents. At the same time, hearing your legal options from a trustworthy source gives you the time you need to prepare yourself and can help to minimize the impact on the children.

If a joint custody arrangement is in the best interests of the children, then this is the path we should take. If a different arrangement would be more beneficial, we will seek that option with approval from the court.

Paternity Matters And The Best Interest Of The Child

The law does allow unmarried couples or former couples to establish child custody and visitation, parenting time plans and child support by means of establishing paternity. There are many myths surrounding the paternity process, and we can dispel them when you meet with us.

Abuse And Neglect Can Negate Custodial Rights In Missouri

If you have a spouse or a former partner who is an impaired parent because of abusive behavior toward you or the children, addiction or criminal activity, we will vigorously fight for you to retain sole legal and physical custody.

In cases of abuse, we can seek ex parte orders (orders of protection) that will require the abusive spouse or parent to stay away from the family for a specified period of time. Full orders of protection are also possible and can be renewed with a petition to the court.

In cases of neglect, when a parent is at risk of losing his or her parental rights, we work with Child Protective Services to determine if the allegations against our client are true, making sure at every step that our client’s rights are protected from the damage of false allegations.

In abuse and neglect cases, we can also help family members such as grandparents seek guardianship of children when both parents are deemed unfit.

Get Help With Your Custody Or Paternity Issue

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