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Working With Child Services In The Best Interests Of The Children

Every state has a department that is in charge of protecting children. In Missouri, it is called Child Protective Services (CPS). The unfortunate reality that comes with protecting children is that sometimes they have to be removed from their homes. Further, no parent is immune from CPS’s power.

If your child was removed from your care or you are in other ways attempting to deal with CPS, our lawyers at Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, will help you. We can meet you in a free consultation to go over your options and what needs to be done.

What Triggers Child Protective Services?

Multiple things can cause CPS to begin investigating your family, including:

If CPS deems you to be an unfit parent, you may lose your parental rights and custody of your children. This can create an entirely new set of problems for you and your family.

No matter why CPS was called to your home, the reality is that speaking with an attorney as soon as possible is critical. Our lawyers have built sound relationships with CPS evaluators and can work with you and them to achieve a positive end result.

Where Do My Children Go If CPS Takes Them?

CPS has many options to choose from if it removes children from a home, from placing them with relatives or the other parent to placing them in foster care.

In many cases, a hearing will be held to determine the best interests of the children. Putting a skilled lawyer in your corner for this hearing is imperative to increasing your chances of success. You can also help your own case by following this advice:

  • Do not argue or fight with the police.
  • Write down every detail that you can about the incidents that led up to the removal.
  • Never miss any visitation time if CPS says you have it after a removal.
  • Do not miss any court dates.
  • Follow any court orders immediately and fully (including alcohol or drug abuse rehabilitation).

Questions Regarding Child Protective Services? Call Us.

Dealing with CPS can be an incredibly frightening experience for parents because they often feel like evaluators hold all of the cards. One false step, and parents may never see their children again. This doesn’t have to be your situation. We can help you feel empowered to take the right steps to maintaining custody of your children.

If you’re interested in discussing the details of your case with a skilled family law attorney at our law firm, contact us to schedule a free initial consultation. We are available during regular business hours and in the evening if it’s more convenient for you. Call our Lee’s Summit law office at 816-347-1818 or contact us online to make an appointment.