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Helping You Set Up Guardianships For A Child Or Vulnerable Adult

Child guardianships can be voluntary or involuntary. In some cases, a parent may not be available to care for the child and asks a family member or friend to do so. In others, a family member or other interested party is concerned for the welfare of a child due to some type of unsafe living situation. In either situation, the nonparent needs to be appointed as a guardian by the court to make decisions for the child, get the child admitted to school and other considerations.

At Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, we represent family members and others interested in becoming the guardian of a child. We also represent parents accused of being unfit who are at risk of losing their children. We understand the criteria the court uses when considering requests for guardianship, and we know the best approach to handling your case in pursuit of a favorable result.

Legal Guardians For Vulnerable Adults

Our lawyers also have experience handling adult guardianship matters. When a disabled or otherwise incapacitated person requires assistance managing his or her affairs, it is necessary for a guardian to be appointed.

Whether you are the person seeking to be appointed as a guardian or a person who wishes to challenge the assertion that you need a guardian, our attorneys are prepared to protect your interests. We will represent you at the competency hearing and present the strongest possible argument to support your position in the matter.

Contact Us About Your Guardianship Matters

Whether it’s being used to protect the well-being of a child or for estate planning purposes, seeking guardianship of another individual can be a complex legal process. It’s best to seek assistance from an attorney with extensive experience handling these matters, such as a lawyer from Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC.

If you’d like to discuss your case and legal options, contact our Lee’s Summit office and speak with one of our attorneys or paralegals. We are available during regular business hours and by appointment at other times. You may send us an email or call 816-347-1818 to schedule a free initial consultation.