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What You Should Do After A Car Accident

Initial medical treatment for injury victims should always be your first priority after a car crash. When the adrenaline subsides, however, you need to think about the financial and legal repercussions of the incident.

Automobile insurance providers are likely to play a large role in your recovery after a car crash. They will solicit statements from you about what happened and who was at fault. Answering these questions without a thorough understanding of your rights and responsibilities in an accident can leave you struggling to recover the compensation you deserve for your injury.

Before you say anything, speak with an attorney at the law firm of Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC. We have represented clients throughout Lee’s Summit, Kansas City and surrounding areas of Missouri in a wide range of car crash injury matters. We can make sure you are protected throughout the personal injury claims process.

Getting Treatment And Gathering Information After An Accident

Your health, and that of other individuals involved in a car crash, is absolutely the most important thing to consider when you have been in an accident. If necessary, seek emergency medical care as soon as possible.

If you have time and the physical capacity to gather information about the circumstances surrounding the accident, do so. Collect contact information about the other party’s insurance company and his or her vehicle, name, address and phone number. Do the same for any witnesses. Take photographs of property damage or physical injuries, and write down that information as well.

Do your best to stay calm during this process, and work cooperatively with all parties involved, even though it is likely to be a high-stress situation. Remember, however, that you do not have to make statements about how you feel, who was at fault, or whether or not you are free from injury.

Many injury symptoms only arise days after an accident has taken place. You need to be sure that you give yourself time to heal and realize the full consequences of the injury you have suffered.

Understanding And Personal Service From Your Attorney

Our team of lawyers understands that car accident injuries are different for everyone. We can help whether you have suffered traumatic consequences like broken bones, head injuries, brain damage or permanent nerve damage, or are struggling with long-term back, neck or spinal cord injuries. We will listen to you, help you understand your options for compensation, and stand by you through every stage of the process to advocate for your physical and financial recovery.

Talk To Us Today — Get A Free Consultation

Put your personal injury claim in the best position possible by taking the right steps from the very beginning. We can help you with the legal process, answering any question you may have and keeping you informed at every turn.

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