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Holding Drivers Accountable After A Texting And Driving Accident

It seems that, the more technology advances, the more people are compelled to use it at every moment of every day. Unfortunately, this includes usage behind the wheel. When a person is operating a vehicle, his or her attention should be on the road ahead and nowhere else. When it is not, the accidents that occur can be devastating for victims and their families.

If you or a loved was injured in an accident that was caused by a distracted driver, you should seek the advice of an accident lawyer from Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC. We hold negligent drivers accountable for the harm they cause in any type of motor vehicle accident.

Understanding Distracted Driving And Your Right To Compensation

The potential for severe injuries goes up considerably in accidents caused by distracted drivers. When they look away from the road to make a phone call, type a text message or attend to anything other than driving, they become completely blind to their surroundings.

If traffic stops suddenly or they begin to drift into oncoming traffic, a distracted driver may have little time to react and avoid a serious rear-end or head-on collision.

Moreover, it may not be other passenger vehicles distracted drivers strike. Large commercial vehicles, commuter buses and motorcyclists are all at risk of getting hit. While driving through downtown Lee’s Summit or nearby Kansas City, distracted drivers are particularly dangerous to bicyclists and pedestrians who have little to no protection from serious injury.

Drivers in Missouri have an obligation to drive with care and not be negligent behind the wheel. When they fail to meet their duty of care, victims have the right to hold them accountable.

How We Can Help You

When you hire our firm, we get to work immediately building the strongest possible case on your behalf. When appropriate, we bring in accident reconstructionists and other experts who can help us present the most compelling argument to prove that the distracted driver should be held accountable for your losses.

We also work with medical experts and other specialists to ensure that we are seeking compensation that will accommodate all of your current and future medical needs.

We’re On Your Side — Get Our Help

Available during regular business hours and by appointment at other times, our attorneys will always be on your side fighting for justice for you and your family. Contact us today to see how we can help you hold a distracted driver accountable for your injuries or the loss of a loved one.

To schedule a free initial consultation, call 816-347-1818 or contact us online.