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Do you know what drug paraphernalia includes?

While drug charges are among the most common charges issued in the country, many people do not realize the variety of drug charges they may face. Often, a police officer may strengthen the charges against a person by adding on additional related charges, creating several different criminal charges out of the same interaction with a defendant.

What is the difference between drug dealing and trafficking?

When most of the public refers broadly to "drug charges," they mean to refer to drug possession charges, specifically. However, there are several other common drug charges with very specific elements that you may face. Depending on the charges themselves, you may have different kinds of sentencing, or may need to employ entirely different defenses.

Can I safely order marijuana products through the mail?

Despite the increasing number of states legalizing marijuana for recreational use, it is important to remember that the drug is still criminalized at the federal level. Unfortunately, this means that those who want to receive marijuana or marijuana products through the mail may face serious federal charges.

New attorney general encourages harsher drug sentencing

For decades, drug charges have carried stiff penalties for defendants, leading to many individuals facing years behind bars for non-violent offenses. However, The Obama administration took some steps to lessen the harshness of drug charges, indicating that law enforcement should ease off of enforcing the existing drug laws, especially when it comes to marijuana-related crimes. In the last fews years, public opinion on marijuana has shifted enormously, and many states have legalized its use in some circumstances, while other's have decriminalized possession. All this progress may be taking a backseat soon, if the new attorney general has his way.

2 medical marijuana bills headed to the legislature

As the tide of cultural opinion continues to turn, Missouri may become one of the next few states to legalize the use marijuana for general medical purposes. Two separate bills have been authored and submitted for consideration when the state legislature reconvenes for 2017, both seeking to expand the right of patients and create the basis for marijuana-based businesses to operate legally within the state.

Kansas City fugitive receives hefty sentence

When Dorothy famously observed that she and Toto weren't in Kansas anymore, at least she wasn't looking at the prospect of returning home to face serious drug charges resulting in years of prison time. That's just what happened to a Kansas man who has just received a hefty punishment after fleeing from authorities following an arrest.

Cocaine charges in Missouri can result in lengthy jail terms

People who live in Missouri likely know that the state takes a harsh stance on drugs. Cocaine certainly falls within this realm. Did you know that cocaine charges could potentially involve being sentenced to life in prison in the most severe cases? That's the case for people who have more than one cocaine-related conviction.

Individualized defense options are critical in drug cases

When you are facing drug charges of any sort, there are several things that might go through your mind. You might be worried about what will happen if you are found guilty of the charges. You might be worried about how a drug conviction might affect your future. You might be worried about what you can do to fight the charges. We can help you to explore each of these points so that you have an idea of how to handle your case.

What are the penalties for heroin charges in Missouri?

Drug crimes in Missouri all have criminal penalties that are rather harsh. Heroin is no exception to that point. In fact, there are some heroin convictions in the state that have mandatory minimum sentences associated with them. It is critical that you understand the possible penalties in Missouri if you are facing heroin-related criminal charges.

Marijuana-related convictions carry harsh penalties in Missouri

News about the decriminalization of marijuana seems to be occurring at a rapid pace. While some states have opted to decriminalize the drug or even legalize it, the federal government hasn't changed federal laws pertaining to the drug. Missouri laws still takes a harsh stance against marijuana, so building a defense if you are charged with a crime relating to marijuana is vital.

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