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Providing Family Law Mediation Services To Families All Over Jackson County

Traditional divorce litigation has a reputation for being a knockdown, bruising affair and with good reason. The litigation system is by nature adversarial and can cause parties to do everything they can to be declared “winners” in their case. However, many couples do not wish to drag out the divorce process or to make things more emotionally contentious than they already are.

The good news is that family law mediation is a viable alternative for couples who are able to discuss and reach an agreement regarding the terms of a divorce decree.

At Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, our family law attorneys provide skilled family law mediation services. Attorneys David A. Kelly and John A. Reed and associate attorney Tyler J. Jansen have decades of combined experience handling a variety of family law matters and have success resolving most issues using mediation and alternative dispute methods.

If mediation is not working or our clients don’t feel this is the better option, we are always prepared to take matters to court, where we strongly advocate for the best interests of our clients.

The Mediation Process In Missouri

In the mediation process, a mediator serves as a neutral third party. Divorcing couples meet with the mediator and work together to help craft a settlement that both parties can agree to. This process is typically used prior to filing for divorce.

Once a couple has reached an agreement, the mediator will prepare a written settlement that will be filed with the court. If an agreement cannot be reached, that is OK, too. The process is nonbinding, and our attorneys can help explore other options for resolving your divorce.

The Advantages Of Divorce Mediation

There are several advantages to mediation over traditional divorce litigation, including:

  • Creating solutions designed to last: When couples work together to mediate the major issues in their divorce, it helps to foster respectful discussions and compromise, which in turn leads to long-lasting solutions that will be honored by both parties.
  • Confidentiality: Court proceedings are a matter of public record. The mediation process and results are kept private.
  • Providing you with control: The mediation process puts the control in your hands and important decisions such as how to divide marital property are not left to a judge who does not know you on a personal level.
  • Easier on children: Divorce is hard enough on parents to say nothing of children. In traditional litigation, kids often find themselves stuck in the middle, despite the best intentions of the parents. When parents show that they are able to cooperate and reach an agreement regarding custody, it is often easier for children to adjust.
  • Saves time and money: Mediation is almost always less expensive than a courtroom divorce. You are not hiring experts on either side nor are you each responsible for hiring a lawyer. It also helps you set the timetable instead of being beholden to court schedules.

Call For A Free Initial Consultation Today

To learn more about our family law mediation services, please contact us online or call 816-347-1818 to set up a free initial consultation at our office in Lee’s Summit. For those who cannot make it to our office during the workday, we can schedule evening appointments upon request.