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We Provide Assistance On Either Side Of An Ex Parte Order

Consequences of an order of protection can affect any child custody matter as well as a person’s professional life and freedom. People who seek an order of protection in the Greater Kansas City metro area may fear for their safety and their lives. People who receive them may be shocked and dumfounded at not being able to return to their home again — not even to get their clothes.

Whether you’re the one seeking an order of protection or have been served with one, you need experienced legal counsel to help you protect your rights.

At Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, we have more than 50 years of combined experience handling a variety of family law matters, including ex parte and full orders of protection in Missouri. We know what’s at stake in these types of cases and are keen to secure favorable outcomes for our clients and vulnerable members of their families.

Trustworthy Assistance With Any Related Legal Issue

We have handled a significant number of ex parte orders of protection matters for clients on both sides of the issue, especially in relation to a divorce, custody dispute, paternity issue or other contentious family law matters. We are prepared to begin immediate assistance in matters of ex parte orders of protection.

We Fight Back Against False Allegations Of Violence

When couples are heading toward a dissolution or a divorce, angry words can turn to physical attacks. But just because this happens in some cases, this doesn’t mean it happens every time.

Some spouses and parents have used this stereotype to their advantage, making false allegations against their significant other in an attempt to influence the outcome of a child custody hearing and other family law matters. If you are a victim of an unfounded accusation of abuse, seek out knowledgeable legal advice as soon as possible. We will make sure flimsy charges are aggressively challenged and your rights are protected.

For clients seeking an order of protection, we encourage you to speak to an experienced lawyer first — how you word the claim is just as important as making the claim.

When Temporary Becomes Permanent

Within approximately two weeks of a temporary order of protection, a full hearing will be held for a permanent order of protection.

Obtain skilled legal counsel immediately to protect your rights to your property and your home and to parent your children. A good many of our divorce or paternity clients have come to us first seeking to defend against or to obtain ex parte or full orders of protection.

Call For A Free Initial Consultation Today

If domestic violence allegations are affecting a family law matter for you and your family, contact Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, and speak with one of our experienced and skilled family law attorneys. Initial consultations are free for new clients and are available during regular business hours or in the evening, if it’s more convenient. Call 816-347-1818 or contact us online to get started.