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Building You A Strong Defense Against Any Theft Crime

Theft crimes are serious offenses that can carry substantial penalties if you are convicted. The value of the property that was taken, whether force was used in the process of taking the property and other factors can lead to charges for increasingly severe offenses that often call for more severe penalties.

If you are facing charges for any type of theft offense, it is important that you seek the advice of a skilled criminal defense lawyer who will fight to protect your rights and your freedom.

At Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, we provide strategic defense against a wide variety of criminal charges, including grand theft and petty theft charges. When we represent you inside and outside the courtroom, you can rest assured knowing that your defense strategy is backed by more than 50 years of combined experience and a legal team that will fight to protect your rights and best interests at every turn.

Strong Representation Following An Arrest For A Theft Offense

No matter what type of theft charge you may be facing, you can rely on us to do everything possible to avoid a conviction in your case. There are specific criteria under the law that establish theft. We will examine the prosecution’s evidence to find any errors or flaws in its case and build the strongest possible defense on your behalf.

We defend clients against all types of theft offense charges, including:

  • Auto theft
  • Shoplifting
  • Burglary
  • Robbery
  • Identity theft
  • Embezzlement
  • Fraud
  • Passing bad checks
  • Receiving stolen property

If you were charged with armed robbery or burglary, you may be facing weapons charges as well. We can help you correctly handle these charges in addition to the theft charges against you.

Contact Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, Today

If you’ve been accused of shoplifting or another theft crime, talk to the skilled attorneys at Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, in Lee’s Summit. We have a track record of success securing favorable outcomes for our clients, and we will do what we can to do the same for you.

If you would like to meet with one of our skilled defense attorneys to discuss the details of your case, contact us to schedule a free initial consultation. We are available during regular business hours and by appointment at other times. Call 816-347-1818 or send us an email to schedule an appointment.