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Providing Strong Defense Against Criminal Charges

In federal and other serious criminal cases, your choice of a criminal defense lawyer is extremely important. Even if you didn’t actually do anything, if you participated in planning a crime you can be charged with conspiracy. The potential prison sentence is significant.

If a police informant fingered you as a coconspirator, you may be part of a multiple-count, multiple-defendant case. Attorneys at Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, have handled several hundred cases of this type.

We are prepared to fight for your interests in any criminal case. Give us a call to discuss your specific situation in a confidential consultation.

What Types Of Charges Are You Facing?

Our lawyers provide aggressive and effective defense against all types of charges, including:

We Have The Experience And Skill

Attorney David A. Kelly is a former prosecutor and served as a law clerk to a federal judge. Attorneys unfamiliar with federal cases are not competent to get you off, or minimize the time you may serve. Our attorneys are prepared to defend you.

The prosecution has the burden of proof in court, and they must prove that you intended to take part in the crime. A major defense is to refute allegations of intent.

We seek to aggressively minimize the exposure of our clients to prison sentences. We believe that early and aggressive intervention can be effective. The stakes are huge; lots of prison time is possible. Take action now.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Serving The Kansas City Metro

We are here to help you resolve your legal problems. Call 816-347-1818 or complete the online form to arrange a free initial consultation with our office. Our attorneys and paralegals stand ready to discuss your case. We offer evening appointments as needed.