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Get help after you suffer a personal injury in Missouri

Most people agree that suffering an injury unexpectedly has a real impact on their lives. It changes how they live their daily lives, and it could change their ability to go to work or school. Whether you suffer from a brain injury, spinal cord injury or another kind of personal injury, your life changes the moment it happens.

What should I know about my space heater before I use it?

Winter is fast approaching, and like many Missouri residents, you may be taking your space heater out of storage or preparing to purchase a new one. Whether you plan to take the chill off these early fall days or use your space heater throughout the winter, you should understand the safety hazards associated with these small appliances.

How high do burn classifications go?

Burns are classified according to severity. Generally, people know about first, second and third degree burns, with third degree burns as the worst. However, the burn scale actually goes higher. People are not aware of more severe burn levels because they are not common. Still, this does not mean that a workplace accident or another unexpected calamity in Missouri cannot inflict severe burns that go beyond the third degree.

Falls kill about 1,800 U.S. nursing home residents annually

Placing a loved one in a Missouri nursing home is almost always difficult, but the transition may prove easier if you have confidence in the level of care he or she will receive while a resident there. Unfortunately, though, nursing homes are often hotbeds for accidents, injuries and fatalities, many of which stem from falls. At Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, we know that older adults are more likely to fall in nursing homes than many other residential environments, and we have helped many people who suffered fall-related injuries, or had loved ones do so, pursue appropriate recourse.

Dogs deemed aggressive may have more rights, according to MO bill

It does not matter whether the dog is a chihuahua or a mastiff – being bitten can be frightening as well as harmful. However, there is more of a focus on larger breeds when it comes to legislation controlling dangerous dogs, since big dogs can cause much more harm when they attack. Even so, many dog owners in Missouri and elsewhere feel that breed-specific legislation is unfair and stigmatizes entire breeds, when not all dogs of those certain breeds are vicious.

Injuries that may result from plastic surgery

What sets plastic surgery apart from other forms of surgery done in Missouri is that plastic surgery is often viewed as an elective and unnecessary procedure. However, the fact remains that plastic surgery, no matter the motivation behind it, should be conducted with the appropriate care or serious personal injury may result. According to Heathline, there are a number of health problems that can result from plastic surgery, and it is important to be aware of them.

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