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Is stalking a felony in Missouri?

Many people do not fully understand what stalking entails when it comes to criminal law. They may assume that an overly friendly co-worker is stalking them, or that it can be considered stalking when someone comments too much on their social media accounts. It is important for you and other Missouri residents to understand that real stalking can come with serious criminal penalties.

Tampering with food products can have serious consequences

People in Missouri and elsewhere expect their food and consumer products to be safe when they buy them. Even so, instances of food poisoning, defective products and other issues have endangered consumers many times over the years. In most instances, these were accidental cases. However, there have been times when people have become ill or injured after someone deliberately tampers with products before they are purchased. It is important to understand that tampering with food is not a harmless prank. In fact, it can result in severe criminal charges.

Multi-agency effort leads to Mo. indictment on weapons charges

Possession of firearms or ammunition by a felon is illegal under federal law. A federal grand jury recently indicted a man from southwestern Missouri with a reported history of two prior felony convictions for allegedly possessing ammunition and firearms illegally. The indictment followed a joint effort by local and federal law enforcement agencies. 

Collateral consequences of a Missouri criminal conviction

When a Missouri judge or jury convicts you of a criminal offense, you may face any number of possible repercussions, including hefty fines, possible substance abuse treatment obligations and even jail time, among others. Some offenses, however, can also come back to haunt you in other ways, and you may wind up facing what are known as collateral consequences following a criminal conviction. At Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, we recognize that collateral consequences can have a sizable negative impact on your life, and we have helped many clients facing similar circumstances work to minimize the damage their criminal records cause them.

Is eyewitness identification a reliable source of evidence?

An unknown number of people who are currently incarcerated may not be guilty of committing a crime at all. Innocent people are placed behind bars because they are wrongfully convicted of crimes. Approximately 362 people have been released from their prison sentences after later testing of DNA evidence showed they were innocent. More than 70 percent of these cases involved eyewitness misidentification. This occurs when an eyewitness chooses the wrong person from a physical or photo lineup.

Protecting your professional reputation: part 1

Even if you try to be friendly with the competition while doing business in Missouri, it is usually safe to assume that somebody, somewhere, could eventually develop a sense of animosity towards your success. At Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, we make it our first priority to preserve our clients' good reputations regardless of the amount of adversity they face.

Your choice of attorney matters: section 1

In Missouri, even seemingly small infractions have the potential to land you in jail for a significant amount of time. We believe that defendants might be better equipped to avoid unnecessarily harsh sentences by choosing the right attorneys to defend their case. Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC might not be the right law firm for every case, and we are happy to admit that— especially if the admission results in a potential client receiving more apt representation elsewhere.

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