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A closer look at drug court in Jackson County

As a Missouri resident who is currently struggling with drug addiction, you may find yourself facing criminal charges due to the actions you took while you were under the influence or in need of a fix. At Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, we understand that, in some cases, the state’s nonviolent criminal offenders may be able to enroll in a drug court program as a means of helping them beat their addictions and make more positive contributions to society.

Criminal records and job seeking

People in Missouri who want to find a new job after being convicted of a criminal offense may feel discouraged before they even submit one application. This can be due to the fact that they assume once an employer knows they have a criminal past, the company will no longer consider their candidacy. Monster does acknowledge that the use of background checks is extremely prevalent in today's society with as many as 93% of companies running checks on job candidates according to a 2017 Background Screening Trends and Best Practices Report by Sterling Talent Solutions.

Is drug court an option for you?

If you are a Missouri resident and you are currently facing drug-related criminal charges, you may find yourself stressing about the possibility that you may have to spend time behind bars. Chances are, you want to do everything in your power to avoid this fate, and depending on certain circumstances, you may have an alternative option available to you. Drug courts are becoming increasingly popular across the state and nation, both because they help ease the strain on overcrowded prisons and because they help drug addicts combat what is often the root of their troubles: drug addiction.

Expungement law change good news for Missouri drug offenders

If you live in Missouri and currently have a drug-related criminal conviction on your record, you may find that it interferes with your life in numerous ways. Maybe it is making it harder for you to find gainful employment, or maybe it is limiting your chances of finding affordable housing. Regardless of how your criminal record is affecting your life, a new law that took effect this year may help you navigate the hurdles you face. At Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, we understand how the law change can help state residents with nonviolent criminal records, and we have helped many clients facing hardship due to their records find solutions that fit their needs.

Can a drug conviction lead to a loss of financial aid?

If you are a parent of a Missouri college student, or a student who will soon attend college and needs financial aid, you may want to have an important talk with your child. While using, possessing or selling illegal drugs poses obvious risks and can result in substantial criminal penalties, your college student may also face collateral consequences for taking such actions.

Can going to rehab avoid jail time?

If you were to stand accused drug charges in the state of Missouri, one of your logical first priorities would be avoiding jail time by all means possible. This might include negotiating your charges down, especially if they included distribution accusations or if it were not your first offense.

Do drug courts work?

If you are currently facing a Missouri drug charge, you may have valid concerns about having to potentially spend some time behind bars. Odds are, this is a fate you want to avoid by any means necessary, and depending on certain circumstances, you may be able to do so. Drug courts are a cost-effective, humane way to hold drug addicts accountable for their crimes without housing them behind bars, and if you can get into one, it may help you kick your drug addiction for good.

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