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What happens if you owe child support and are in prison?

Child support is not a punishment. It is a way for the state to guarantee that both parents support and care for a child. However, to some in Missouri, it may seem like a punishment. Specifically, if you are in prison, having a child support obligation can become a nightmare.

Alternative to a prenuptial agreement

As an engaged couple in Missouri, you may not think that you need a prenuptial agreement, whether it is because you cannot imagine getting divorced or neither of you have significant assets. However, after saying 'I do,' you may realize you made a mistake by not protecting yourself. If this is the case, do not fret because you can do a postnuptial agreement, which includes similar information as a prenup.

Getting the divorce support you need

What happens when you suddenly have to do a detailed self-audit after several years of having someone else help you with your bills, investments or even your retirement accounts? That is the question that we see many divorce litigants asking. 

How do you divide a home in a divorce?

You probably do not go through life simply thinking about money all the time. In fact, even if you were a financial professional, you may not have a complete handle on your own financial state all the time. Like many people in Missouri, you probably focus on making money rather than counting it.

Marriages can be strained during and after the holiday season

Approaching the holidays, you may have noticed your marriage is under a lot more pressure than usual. Whether you are just beginning to experience marital disharmony, or you have been unhappy with your union for a long time, we at the law firm of Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, know that the holidays can be difficult for Missouri residents. In fact, the period after Christmas and New Year’s signals the start of what many family law attorneys call “divorce season.”

What is legal separation?

When your marriage is not going well, you may consider divorce. In some situations, though, divorce is not the right answer. Missouri offers you an alternative. According to the Missouri Courts, you can file for a legal separation. This allows you to have a formal decision on your relationship without the permanent effects of a divorce.

What to know about filing taxes after divorce

If you are a recently divorced Missouri resident, your life may be undergoing considerable change. You may, for example, be adjusting to living in a new place, or you may find yourself grappling with having your children in your home only part of the time, as opposed to all the time. Divorce brings with it inevitable change, and while this holds true with regard to family relationships, it also holds true when it comes time to file your taxes.

What happens to home equity when you divorce?

If you and your spouse share a Missouri home and the two of you are planning to divorce, you may have valid concerns about what will happen to any equity you have managed to build in your home over time. In most cases, you have three main options once you reach this point in your life, and it is up to you and your soon-to-be-former partner to determine which one might best fit your needs.

Dividing property in a Missouri divorce

One of the most difficult divorce topics to tackle is that dealing with property division. People often get emotionally attached to their possessions and finances, and it can be hard to part with items that people have accumulated during a marriage. Missouri follows the equitable division of property model when distributing marital property and assets in a divorce. This means that the judge presiding over the case will divide property and assets based on what he or she deems fair. The judge will often take into account certain factors, such as how long the couple was married, the occupation and health of each party and the reason for the divorce.

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