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October safety topic: National Protect Your Hearing Month

Our hearing is important to us, yet few of us consider the possibility of sustaining permanent hearing damage until that damage is already done. It is also easier to cause damage to your hearing than you may think. At the law office of Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, we know that most people in Missouri and elsewhere suffer hearing loss by the time they reach their senior years, but we are also aware that some people, including those who work in construction, are more prone than others to begin losing their hearing earlier in life.

What should construction workers know about heat stroke?

Construction does not slow down during the heat of the day. In fact, summer is the busiest time of the year for construction workers in Missouri and elsewhere, since rain and snow are more likely to impede road and building construction. It is imperative that you understand the risks of heat exhaustion and heat stroke, as well as how to avoid getting sick while working under the hot sun.

Reducing the risk of winter accidents and injuries

Most Missouri residents know that snowy winter weather may lead to slips, falls and injuries. For business owners, it may be especially important to find ways to make their properties safer for employees and visitors. There are several steps employers may take to reduce the chances of slips, falls and other accidents happening during the winter.

How dangerous is it to work in road construction?

As the weather begins to take a turn towards warmer temperatures in Missouri, you are sure to see road crews starting to get hard at work to fix road problems that developed over the winter. These workers do a tough job. They are out in the elements every day working to make roads safer for you. In addition, they are also in danger every day they go to work because they work alongside traffic that is flowing along at high speeds. This sets the stage for accidents, which can seriously injure or kill a road construction worker.

Can you sue if you are injured at a concert?

Most concerts in Missouri are relatively peaceful. That is to say that violence rarely erupts on a large scale. One of the reasons for this level of safety and order is that venue owners and entertainment providers go to great lengths in order to secure their facilities.

Construction workers at high risk for back injuries

We represent many injured construction workers here at Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, in Missouri. Consequently, we know as well as you do that when you work construction, you put your back at risk for injury each and every day. The nature of your job requires you to constantly lift, carry, move and otherwise deal with heavy equipment and materials, many of which are also bulky and unwieldy.

What are the different types of warning signs?

Whether you are a Missouri property owner, an employer or anyone in charge of maintaining a property, you have a duty to mark off dangerous areas or places of potential hazards to anyone who walks into that location unwarily. One of the simplest ways to warn people of a dangerous spot is to use a warning sign. Depending on the level of risk, you will have to choose the right kind of sign to convey the proper warning.

Falls the leading cause of fatal injury among older adults

As a Missouri senior, you may find that your level of mobility suffers as you age, and that you are not as steady on your feet as you once might have been. Nowadays, falls are the top cause of injuries and fatal injuries in older Americans, with one in four American seniors now suffering a serious fall every year. At Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, we recognize that when seniors fall, serious repercussions can result, and we have helped many older Americans who fell because of another’s carelessness pursue solutions to meet their needs.

Protect your pool - safety tips from the American Red Cross

Have you jumped in a pool yet this season? The hot and hazy days of a Missouri summer can make the chance to swim in cool, clear water irresistible. The allure does not just draw in adults either. The idea of splashing in and getting relief from the heat appeals to the youngest toddlers among us and nearly grown-up teens, too.  

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