Eating on your way to work? You could be at risk of crashing

Most people have, at one time or another, eaten something while they drove. They might have been in a rush because of running late for work or have needed to eat something on a long trip.

While eating behind the wheel seems like it wouldn’t be dangerous at all, the reality is that it is a distraction and can lead to a collision.

Why is eating behind the wheel such a problem?

When you eat behind the wheel, there is a risk that you will:

  • Take your hands off the wheel
  • Lose focus and stop paying attention
  • Look away from the road
  • Get distracted by spills or dropped items

Since those are all serious risks, it’s important to reconsider eating behind the wheel. Instead, consider parking for a few minutes while you eat or waiting until you get to your destination.

There are penalties for eating while driving

While there are no specific laws forbidding people from eating or drinking behind the wheel, it is possible to receive penalties for doing so. For example, if you crash because you spilled a drink on yourself, then you could face distracted driving penalties. You could be cited for reckless or dangerous driving, and you could be ticketed depending on what happened.

Eating while driving creates a greater risk of a collision, so it’s a better idea for people not to do so. Despite that, many people do eat and drink behind the wheel every day. If you’re hit and suffer from injuries due to someone eating behind the wheel, you may be able to seek a claim against them.


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