Tips for driving around semi-trucks

Driving around semi-trucks is necessary, as they are the backbone of the freight industry in the United States. Tens of thousands of tons of goods move all over the country in the back of these trucks. 

However, driving around them is also dangerous. They are massive vehicles that are heavier and taller than the cars around them. Getting hit by a semi could lead to severe injuries and fatalities, even when the driver of the semi isn’t injured at all. To help you avoid such an incident, here are a few key tips for safe driving around them:

  1. Avoid blind spots at all costs. If you have to pass through a blind spot, such as the back corner of the truck, do so quickly and get back to a place where the driver can see you. 
  2. Never pull in front of a truck at a red light. Drivers sometimes do this when they know they can stop in time, but trucks take longer to stop. Pulling in front can put you right in a place where the driver can no longer avoid you. 
  3. When passing a truck, do so properly. Use your blinker. Only pass on the left, not the right. Watch for trucks that may be merging or changing lanes as you pass. 
  4. Remember that trucks make wide turns. Stay out of the area where the cab will swing out wide and never pull up on the right side of a truck that is waiting to turn right. 

Have you been injured in an accident with a semi? These tips can help, but accidents still happen. You may be able to seek substantial compensation


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