Never rule out a personal injury claim until you talk to a lawyer

Sometimes, people can suffer a moderate or significant personal injury in unusual circumstances. For example, say that you use a public restroom, but a broken toilet seat causes you to fall and injure your coccyx (tailbone).

For most people, a scenario like that would be extremely embarrassing, and they would never consider pursuing an injury claim. However, coccyx injuries can impact the way a person lives and works without proper medical treatment. A successful personal injury claim provides you with compensation to cover your medical expenses and replace income lost due to the injury. It can also compensate you fairly for your pain and suffering.

We know this is a somewhat unusual or unlikely scenario, but we hope it shows you the importance of exploring your legal options regardless of how a negligent injury occurs. In this example, the owner of the public restroom may be found negligent in not making sure the facilities were reasonably safe for use. As a result, the victim may qualify to file a personal injury or premises liability lawsuit.

Our injury attorneys urge you to speak with a lawyer even if you have suffered an injury under unusual or embarrassing circumstances. As a victim damaged because of another party’s recklessness or negligence, it is your right to seek fair compensation for your harm.

Our firm’s website and blog contain additional information about your options in the wake of an injury. We invite you to continue exploring our resources if you would like to learn more. You may also reach out to our team for personalized guidance from our injury lawyer.


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