Negligent boating can cause serious personal injuries

A day on the lake can be incredibly relaxing for a Missouri resident and can provide them with a peaceful way to experience nature. However, even the most responsible boaters can get into trouble when they have to share the waters with negligent and reckless individuals. A boat collision or a run-in with a drunk boater can quickly become a dangerous situation for everyone involved.

Types of boat accidents

Just as motor vehicle accidents can occur due to different forms of wrongful conduct, boat accidents can also happen because of different inappropriate and dangerous behaviors. Some common reasons that boat accidents happen include, but are not limited to:

  • Drunk boaters who engage in reckless behaviors that put themselves, their passengers, and other boaters in danger.
  • Speeding boaters who fail to watch out for other vessels, swimmers, and obstacles that may impede their ways.
  • Negligent boaters who fail to obtain the proper training to manage their vessels.
  • Faulty boats and boating equipment that can leave victims with injuries and losses.

The variety of accident types that can happen on the water contribute to the diverse and serious forms of injuries that boat accident victims can suffer.

Possible boat accident injuries

The fact that boats travel on water introduces a deadly complication that can quickly turn an accident into a tragedy: death by drowning. Victims of boat accidents who become incapacitated and are unable to keep themselves out of or above the water may suffer drowning and death as a result of their injuries. Other common boating accident injuries can include:

  • Electrocution from faulty equipment and docks.
  • Broken bones and tissue damage.
  • Abrasions, cuts, and bruises.
  • Concussion, spinal injuries, and other significant trauma.

Victims’ injuries often require medical assistance and the costs of recovering from a boat accident can be costly.

There is no right way to handle the aftermath of a boat accident, and victims can choose to pursue their losses in order to become whole. The support of a knowledgeable legal advocate, like a personal injury attorney, can help a boat accident victim become whole after suffering harm. This post does not provide legal guidance or advice.


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