How motorcyclists can increase their visibility

Motorcyclists in Missouri deserve to safely cruise the roads. By all means, motorists do too, but car drivers naturally have the body of their vehicles as protection in case of a collision.

A simple solution would be to have motorists keep a better eye on motorcycles and give them space on the road. But, unfortunately, accidents happen. In fact, almost 5,000 motorcycle riders lost their life on the road in 2018. To prevent dangerous or fatal accidents, there are driving habits and practices motorcyclists can implement to be more cautious and seen.

Here are four ways motorcyclists can catch the attention of motorists before it’s too late:

  1. Don’t hang out in blind spots: Inevitably, you’ll end up in blind spots of several drivers with just about every ride you take. As such, you should be more mindful of about not driving side-by-side vehicles for a long time and pass cars with ample space and plenty of caution.
  2. Wear bright colors: During day rides, you can increase your visibility with your outfit choices. You don’t have to compromise your style or dress up as an orange crayon. Instead, you can choose a bright jacket or a neon vest to add color to your riding outfit. That way you can easily remove the layer once you arrive to your destination.
  3. Add reflective elements to your get-up: A neon jacket without reflective elements doesn’t help when the sun goes down. When you purchase gear to ride in, pay attention to and consider pieces that have reflective stripes or elements. Traffic deaths are a lot more likely to happen at night, as a lot of drivers can’t see the road and other drivers with the same clarity at night as they can during the day.
  4. Add more lighting: To further increase your nighttime visibility, you can add supplemental lights to your bike. Even adding reflectors or reflective tape to your ride can make a world of difference.

It’ll be winter in the blink of an eye, so being proactive about your safety can help you get in many rides before the end of the summer.


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