3 tips to follow for safe summer driving

Summer is one of the most popular times of year for vacations. Children and college students have a break from school, many offices allow flexible summer hours and just about everyone in Missouri longs to be outside in the gorgeous weather.

Summer also has one of the highest rates of car accidents, including those from drunk and drugged driving. Though it is not always possible to avoid car crashes, there are some critical safety tips that you can follow to reduce the chance that it will happen to you.

Safety tips to protect you and your family

You can use these safety guidelines to prevent motor vehicle accidents and injuries this summer:

  1. Service your car regularly: Regular maintenance checks can go a long way toward preventing accidents. Be sure to have the service team check your brakes, headlights, airbags, tires and battery. If an aspect of your vehicle is not safe, do not drive until you have it fixed.
  2. Pack an emergency kit: If you are in an accident or your car breaks down, an emergency kit just might save your life. Your pack should include first-aid supplies, nonperishable food, water and some basic repair tools. A cell phone charger—or even a spare phone—is also a good idea.
  3. Avoid distractions: Distracted driving is a scourge of the roadways, contributing to numerous injuries. When driving, devote your full attention to the road. Do not use handheld devices like cell phones and be cautious when using hands-free technology for navigation or entertainment.

Know what to do after an accident

As we mentioned, not everyone can prevent an accident. Sometimes, a negligent driver causes a crash through no fault of your own. If this happens to you, seek medical attention immediately, even if you do not have any visible injuries. Get the name, contact information and insurance info of the other driver. Do not speak to insurance representatives; get an attorney to represent you. Finally, consider seeking compensation for your damages.


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