Top female roles may be correlated to a higher rate of divorce

Women who are successful may find that it’s more likely that they’ll divorce, based on new research. While you’d think that having a better job and more money coming in would be beneficial, authors of a research study that was published in the American Economic Journal show that promotion to a top-ranking job in politics actually increases the rate at which women divorce.

Women who become CEOs also see a faster divorce rate, according to a co-author of the study. Interestingly, this same promotion for a man did not result in the same correlation.

The study looked at the lives of heterosexual females and males working for private companies that have over 100 employees. Under those circumstances, it was discovered that women who were married and who then received promotions were twice as like to divorce as their male counterparts after three years.

Many careers follow the trend. Some include female medical doctors, female priests and female police officers. What is the cause of the higher rate of divorce? That’s arguable. Some believe that it’s the expectation for women not to choose between a career and family. Others say it’s a combination of the friction of changes in household roles or the stress of a top position. Generally, the research team argues, a woman’s promotion amplifies differences because there is a mismatch of expectations in the home. It’s still rare to see men be the main supportive spouse, which is potentially part of the reason that so many high-level executives end up facing divorce.

If you’re facing a divorce and are working a top career, you’re not alone. This is a relatively common situation, and it’s important that you’re able to get support while going through it.


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