The child custody plan: What if your teenager hates it?

When you and your spouse decided to get a divorce, the most difficult part was that you would have to split up time with your children. You both talked about different custody plans that you thought would work well. You even had a plan in mind to submit to the court.

Then, your teenager saw the arrangement and decided that they didn’t like it. They argued that they didn’t want to live with the person who was arranged to have custody more often. They complained that they would be too far from their friends and school.

While you both tried to explain that there were changes taking place for everyone, the fact that your child hates your new custody plan is difficult to deal with.

What should you do if your child doesn’t like a custody plan?

To start with, one idea is to have a conversation with your child and the other parent. During this conversation, you and the other parent should explain why you chose the plan you did. Perhaps, you chose the plan because it was the best for your work schedules. Maybe this new plan provided the most time for family members, like grandparents, to see their grandchildren while visiting with their children. If you can fully explain your reasoning, your child may feel better about the arrangement.

Another option is to have your child put together their ideal custody plan. Look at it in comparison to yours to see the differences. If they are minor, you may be able to implement some changes. If the plan is significantly different, you may want to discuss what you can or cannot change about the plan that you and your spouse already agreed on.


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