Missouri is tough on drug crimes

There is never a time when it’s going to be easy to deal with drug charges. The reality is that the laws are tough. If you’re caught with drugs or medications you’re not supposed to have, you could face the full force of those laws.

Missouri is relatively tough on drug crimes. Take, for instance, a simple possession charge. In Missouri, simple possession of any drug other than marijuana can lead to a class C felony and up to seven years in prison. This is on top of a $10,000 fine.

Sometimes, those who alleged to have been in possession of drugs will also be accused of intending to sell them or distribute them, even if that was not the case. They have to worry about distribution charges, which are a Class B felony. You can be imprisoned for up to 15 years if you are found guilty of distributing drugs in Missouri.

Fortunately, Missouri has a Drug Court Program. These courts are designed to be an alternative to the traditional court system and can help some avoid prison. The program can be ordered as a condition of parole and probation. If you are offered the opportunity, the Missouri Drug Court Program requires you to attend substance abuse treatment, to have regular appearances in court and to stay in the program for at least one year (but no more than two).

Your attorney can talk to you more about the charges that you face and the penalties that may come with them. Make sure you understand them and are prepared to deal with the justice system.


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