October safety topic: National Protect Your Hearing Month

Our hearing is important to us, yet few of us consider the possibility of sustaining permanent hearing damage until that damage is already done. It is also easier to cause damage to your hearing than you may think. At the law office of Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, we know that most people in Missouri and elsewhere suffer hearing loss by the time they reach their senior years, but we are also aware that some people, including those who work in construction, are more prone than others to begin losing their hearing earlier in life.

If you work in construction, you may be exposed to loud, constant noise from construction vehicles and machinery every day on the job. Extremely loud noises, such as the sound a jackhammer makes, can start to damage your hearing within hours if your ears are unprotected. Other sounds that are not quite as loud, such as the constant drone of machines and engines in the background, can cause hearing damage over time. As you may be aware, an extremely loud and sudden noise, such as the report from a nearby explosion, can cause immediate and potentially permanent hearing damage.

The issue is so important that the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has named October as National Protect Your Hearing Month, states the National Safety Council. You can take the first step to protecting your hearing by educating yourself on the preventive measures and protective equipment necessary for your line of work.

Certain construction accidents can cause serious, lasting health effects. You can learn more by visiting our page on the topic.


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