Missouri truck driver charged in fatal crash

Each time you go on the road, you face dangers from surrounding traffic. At the law office of Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, we know this is especially true when it comes to large trucks on Missouri freeways. While some crashes involving trucks are unavoidable, in other instances, truckers can be criminally negligent and pose great risks for others sharing the road.

A tragic accident involving a truck driver from Missouri illustrates this point. According to Overdrive, a tractor-trailer was speeding through a work zone on an Indiana freeway last July when it crashed into a line of vehicles. The accident killed two children and their mother and hospitalized seven other people. You may think that an incident like this occurs only once in a truck driver’s lifetime. Unfortunately, this driver’s record was far from clean. Records showed that the driver had been disciplined and then fired for driving unsafely numerous times. When he applied for his latest position, he failed to disclose his previous position and the fact that he was terminated for unsafe driving. He also falsely stated that he had not been involved in a collision previously.

The truck driver received three counts of reckless homicide and one count of reckless operation of a vehicle in a highway work zone. Accidents involving large trucks can be terrifying and life-changing in an instant, as you may imagine. Our page on truck accidents explains your rights if you are impacted in an collision involving a large truck, which may include legal action.


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