How can you stay focused on parenting during a divorce?

Parenting is challenging in its own right, but can quickly become more complicated if you and your spouse are seeking a divorce in Missouri. Now, you are faced with the challenge of raising your children in an environment where you may not have the support of your ex and are dealing with ridicule, manipulation and emotional turmoil. 

In this type of situation, it may seem impossible to remain a good parent who is committed to the wellbeing and progression of your children. One critical thing to remember is that you need to continue to make time for yourself. It may be harder to come by without a spouse to share in the parenting responsibilities, but your effort to take care of yourself can help you to be a better parent. Take the initiative to get enough rest, eat well, stay active and nurture relationships with those who will be able to provide you with support and encouragement. 

According to HelpGuide, keep your parenting efforts focused on your children. Even though it may be hard at times, avoid focusing too much time on what you dislike about your ex or your anger or sadness about the loss of your marriage. While these emotions are important to acknowledge, you can do so outside of the time you are spending with your children. When difficult decisions need to be made, consider how the impact of the choice you will make will affect the wellbeing of your children. This outlook can help you to keep your parenting focused on your children even in situations where outside influences threaten to distract you from your role as a parent. 

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