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How can you stay focused on parenting during a divorce?

Parenting is challenging in its own right, but can quickly become more complicated if you and your spouse are seeking a divorce in Missouri. Now, you are faced with the challenge of raising your children in an environment where you may not have the support of your ex and are dealing with ridicule, manipulation and emotional turmoil. 

How much trouble are you in if charged with theft crimes?

Taking someone's property without their permission is theft, and regardless of the value of the item taken, it is against the law. This can result in serious criminal penalties and consequences that can change the course of your life. If you are facing a theft charge, you would be wise to take your situation seriously and start preparing an adequate defense strategy.

What should you know about zero tolerance laws?

In Missouri, there are zero tolerance laws in effect. You may have heard of them in passing, and you may know that they can have a heavy impact on underage drivers. But exactly what purpose do zero tolerance laws truly have, and what impacts could you face if charged with an underage DUI?

How to know if you're sharing a Missouri road with a drunk driver

How often do you drive? Perhaps you're part of a daily commute to and from the workplace. Maybe you shuttle loads of kids around to various social, sports and school activities. Chances are, in addition to your parental or employment obligations, you also get behind wheel to run errands, attend meetings or go out with friends.

August is Back to School Month

The summer seems to have gone by too fast for many Missouri residents. While most children may be upset at the thought of returning to school, at the law office of Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, we also understand that the start of the school year is a serious safety issue. You and others may want to consider common traffic problems involving students returning to school.

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