Limiting divorce stressors through joint custody

Missouri parents will unfortunately invite stress into their family life if they decide to get a divorce. However, this choice may be for the good of everyone in the long run. What matters is how the aftermath is handled, and what decisions are made during the divorce process.

For example, Science Daily has shown that shared custody is more beneficial to children of divorce. Studies have shown that children of joint custody often experience less stress than their counterparts in single parent households. They seem to have less trouble at school, fewer social and behavioral problems, and fewer difficulties adjusting to life after divorce.

FindLaw also states that joint custody can benefit parents and children alike. It allows parents and children to create stronger bonds with each other, rather than one parent being left out. Parents are able to share responsibility for major decisions in a child’s life, including what religion to raise them with and what medical options to choose.

They also share the responsibility for disciplining the child, allowing them to avoid a situation where one parent becomes the “fun” parent while the other becomes the one that doles out punishment and enforces rules.

There are plenty of other reasons to opt for joint divorce over sole custody. However, each family’s situation is different and joint custody may not work for everyone. It is important to discuss these matters thoroughly with all parties involved, and perhaps get some legal insight through the advice or guidance of an experienced attorney.


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