How high do burn classifications go?

Burns are classified according to severity. Generally, people know about first, second and third degree burns, with third degree burns as the worst. However, the burn scale actually goes higher. People are not aware of more severe burn levels because they are not common. Still, this does not mean that a workplace accident or another unexpected calamity in Missouri cannot inflict severe burns that go beyond the third degree.

Heathline explains that burn severity can ascend from third degree burns to fourth degree burns. While third degree burns damage deep skin layers, fourth degree burns can penetrate even deeper to tendons, muscles and nerves. These kinds of burns are usually created from open flames, chemicals, or hot irons, stoves or ovens. Someone may also suffer fourth degree burns caused by fire from a burning building.

Beyond fourth degree burns are fifth and sixth degree burns, which can inflict even more damage to the human body. Fifth degree burns are capable of burning off enough skin to expose a person’s bones. Damage sustained from a fifth degree burn can affect bones and also internal organs. Sixth degree burns are the most severe kind of burn, as they can cause a complete loss of skin in the burned area. A sixth degree burn could even result in death.

These high level burns require immediate medical attention. One of the consequences of a fourth degree burn or higher is nerve damage. These sorts of burns may not hurt as much as a lesser burn because nerves in the burned area are often damaged and cannot transmit pain signals. This means a person may not understand the extent of a burn injury. However, burns must be treated as soon as possible to prevent infection, organ inflammation, shock, dehydration, among other complications.

The life-altering effects of these severe burns can be dramatic. Even if a person is fortunate enough to survive a high classified burn, the person could need reconstructive surgery and may suffer physical scarring and disfigurement. A burn that is powerful enough can even result in a limb being amputated. There may be other disabilities that can result from a high level burn.

Because burns can happen in many different ways and in various intensities, do not consider this article as legal advice. It is only intended for educational benefit.


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