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Limiting divorce stressors through joint custody

Missouri parents will unfortunately invite stress into their family life if they decide to get a divorce. However, this choice may be for the good of everyone in the long run. What matters is how the aftermath is handled, and what decisions are made during the divorce process.

How do sole legal and physical custody differ?

As a parent in Missouri who is going through the divorce process, you likely have many questions about custody matters. For example, what is the difference between sole and joint custody? Which is best for you? Today, we will look at sole custody, and the differences between legal and physical custody.

Assessing your relationship when considering divorce

Keeping a relationship strong and resolving serious issues is not an easy task. Of course, many couples are able to recognize when a problem has arisen, how to see the other person's point of view and determine what courses of action could help rectify the situation. Unfortunately, not all issues see such proactive measures.

How high do burn classifications go?

Burns are classified according to severity. Generally, people know about first, second and third degree burns, with third degree burns as the worst. However, the burn scale actually goes higher. People are not aware of more severe burn levels because they are not common. Still, this does not mean that a workplace accident or another unexpected calamity in Missouri cannot inflict severe burns that go beyond the third degree.

What constitutes animal cruelty, and what are the charges?

In Missouri and other states, deliberately and maliciously neglecting, harming or killing an animal is considered a crime. Unless you are lawfully hunting game, you can face serious consequences if your actions result in the death or injury of an animal. The penalties may include fines and prison time.

What if your child does not want to visit the other parent?

There are many issues that can regularly come up after your divorce, especially if you share custody with your children. It can be difficult for children to split their time between two homes. You and other Missouri residents may wonder how the legal system works if your children say they do not want to visit the other parent.

Tampering with food products can have serious consequences

People in Missouri and elsewhere expect their food and consumer products to be safe when they buy them. Even so, instances of food poisoning, defective products and other issues have endangered consumers many times over the years. In most instances, these were accidental cases. However, there have been times when people have become ill or injured after someone deliberately tampers with products before they are purchased. It is important to understand that tampering with food is not a harmless prank. In fact, it can result in severe criminal charges.

What should construction workers know about heat stroke?

Construction does not slow down during the heat of the day. In fact, summer is the busiest time of the year for construction workers in Missouri and elsewhere, since rain and snow are more likely to impede road and building construction. It is imperative that you understand the risks of heat exhaustion and heat stroke, as well as how to avoid getting sick while working under the hot sun.

Nursing home negligence: Who's at risk and what are the signs?

When your aging parent transitioned from independent living to an assisted care facility, you might have felt both relieved and worried. On one hand, you may have been glad to know that your mother or father would no longer be living alone, especially since you're unable to stop by every day as you would like to because of your own daily life obligations.

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