You can avoid drunk driving, but what about other drunk drivers?

As a licensed driver in Missouri, you’re legally responsible for adhering to traffic laws and safety regulations every time you get behind the wheel. The problem is that you can only control your own choices and driving behavior but are somewhat helpless when it comes to the choices and actions of other drivers. Take drunk driving, for instance. There are many ways you can avoid it when you are the one operating a motor vehicle.

However, you may not be able to avoid a collision if you’re unknowingly sharing the roadway with a driver who is acting under the influence of alcohol. The best way to reduce your chances of suffering injury in a drunk driving accident is to make sure you and anyone who drives you somewhere are sober while traveling. If you have reason to suspect that another driver might be intoxicated, it pays to have a plan in mind to try to distance yourself from him or her.

Drunk drivers are often making beer runs

Those who get behind the wheel under alcohol intoxication in Missouri often do so because they have run out of alcohol at home or at a party. Rather than calling it quits on drinking for the night, they decide instead to drive to the store to get more alcohol. As a licensed driver, you can avoid this potentially deadly mistake by purchasing alcohol only when sober.

If you happen to be in a parking lot and notice another driver who seems to be acting drunk, try to steer clear of his or her vehicle, as many collisions take place in or while entering or exiting parking lots. In a situation where it’s safe for you to make a phone call, you might want to notify 911 dispatchers that you are witnessing a driver who appears to be intoxicated. Such a phone call might save lives.

Hired drivers come in handy

If you’re like many other Missouri residents who want to avoid drunk driving, you might have an Uber app downloaded on your phone or regularly make use of similar driving services. It’s always best to err on the side of safety if you plan to imbibe alcohol while traveling away from home. Hired rides need not be expensive if you are sharing the cost with a group of friends or family members.

Driving volunteers are also helpful

A designated driver is someone who agrees to abstain from alcohol while serving as the driver for others who are planning to imbibe. Whether you are acting as a DD or are riding as a passenger, it is an easy way to prevent intoxication at the wheel and also reduces the chances of becoming involved in a drunk driving accident.

Technology of the future

When a person faces a conviction for drunk driving, he or she may have to install an interlock device in his or her vehicle, which disables the vehicle from starting unless the driver passes a breath test. New car options in the future might include vehicle equipment that performs similar functions and makes it possible to start a vehicle only if blood alcohol content level is below the legal driving limit.

If you suffer injury in a drunk driving accident

You might implement numerous options for avoiding a drunk driving collision and still fall victim to injuries caused by another person’s negligent choice to drive under the influence of alcohol. In addition to criminal charges that prosecutors often file against drunk drivers, injured victims may also seek monetary judgement in civil court for the damages they’ve suffered in a collision where another driver’s BAC was above the legal limit.


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