Am I entitled to my ex’s Social Security retirement benefits?

Retirement is one of the things many people await with anticipation. After putting in decades of work, your senior years should be spent taking it easy and enjoying your family. However, some Missouri residents may dread the retirement age if they have no retirement benefits to look forward to. This can be especially true if you are divorced and struggling to make ends meet.

If you stayed at home or only worked part-time while you were married, you may have expected your spouse’s retirement benefits to support you in your golden years. However, you face a different scenario after your divorce. The Social Security Administration puts a portion of your paycheck into a retirement fund, as you may know. However, you might not have accrued a sufficient retirement fund if you did not work while married.

You may be eligible to receive half of your ex’s Social Security retirement benefits under the following circumstances:

  • Your marriage lasted at least 10 years.
  • You reach the age of 62 before seeking a portion of your ex’s Social Security retirement.
  • Your own retirement benefits would be less than the amount you would receive from your ex’s account.

It is worth noting that you would not receive a portion of your ex’s benefits if you have remarried, unless your current marriage ends in death or divorce. Provided you meet the above qualifications, you are eligible to continue receiving benefits even if your ex-spouse has remarried. This post is not meant to replace the advice of a lawyer.


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