A closer look at drug court in Jackson County

As a Missouri resident who is currently struggling with drug addiction, you may find yourself facing criminal charges due to the actions you took while you were under the influence or in need of a fix. At Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, we understand that, in some cases, the state’s nonviolent criminal offenders may be able to enroll in a drug court program as a means of helping them beat their addictions and make more positive contributions to society.

According to Jackson County COMBAT, Jackson County’s drug court program seeks to help participants achieve sobriety so that they can abstain from future crimes, but it also works to help them find employment and otherwise set themselves up for future personal and professional success. To date, more than 1,200 residents have made their way through the Jackson County drug court, and the vast majority of them have managed to avoid getting any additional convictions for some time after the program’s completion.

In fact, more than 96% of Jackson County’s drug court graduates remain conviction-free five years after completing the program, shining a spotlight on its effectiveness. So, what might you expect, should you be able to gain entry into the program?

When you enroll in drug court, you agree to undergo drug testing, and you must also agree to appear regularly in front of a judge. You must, too, agree to undergo counseling or substance abuse treatment services, and you may also have to attend anger management classes or other specific types of counseling, depending on the circumstances surrounding your crime and situation. You can learn more about your options when facing drug charges by visiting our webpage.


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