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Teen driver-involved crashes increase during “100 Deadliest Days”

While each driving season in Missouri brings with it specific risks, driving in the summertime can be especially dangerous for many state residents. Why? Once school lets out for the season, many of the state’s teenage drivers appear on the roadways, and sharing the road with many drivers in this age group can increase your odds of a car crash. At Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, we know that fatal car wrecks involving teen drivers increase considerably during the summer, and we have helped many people who were victims in such crashes pursue solutions that meet their needs.

Falls kill about 1,800 U.S. nursing home residents annually

Placing a loved one in a Missouri nursing home is almost always difficult, but the transition may prove easier if you have confidence in the level of care he or she will receive while a resident there. Unfortunately, though, nursing homes are often hotbeds for accidents, injuries and fatalities, many of which stem from falls. At Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, we know that older adults are more likely to fall in nursing homes than many other residential environments, and we have helped many people who suffered fall-related injuries, or had loved ones do so, pursue appropriate recourse.

A closer look at drug court in Jackson County

As a Missouri resident who is currently struggling with drug addiction, you may find yourself facing criminal charges due to the actions you took while you were under the influence or in need of a fix. At Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, we understand that, in some cases, the state’s nonviolent criminal offenders may be able to enroll in a drug court program as a means of helping them beat their addictions and make more positive contributions to society.

Am I entitled to my ex’s Social Security retirement benefits?

Retirement is one of the things many people await with anticipation. After putting in decades of work, your senior years should be spent taking it easy and enjoying your family. However, some Missouri residents may dread the retirement age if they have no retirement benefits to look forward to. This can be especially true if you are divorced and struggling to make ends meet.

Dogs deemed aggressive may have more rights, according to MO bill

It does not matter whether the dog is a chihuahua or a mastiff – being bitten can be frightening as well as harmful. However, there is more of a focus on larger breeds when it comes to legislation controlling dangerous dogs, since big dogs can cause much more harm when they attack. Even so, many dog owners in Missouri and elsewhere feel that breed-specific legislation is unfair and stigmatizes entire breeds, when not all dogs of those certain breeds are vicious.

Holding parents liable for a teen driver's accidents

It is hard to see teen drivers take to the streets of Lee's Summit and not remember the excitement you felt when you were first learning to drive. Yet that excitement might also be mitigated by the knowledge that their inexperience can make teen drivers pose a greater risk to themselves and others while they are behind the wheel. The expectation is that their parents will ensure that they are only driving unsupervised once they have shown they can be responsible. In cases where irresponsible teem drivers have caused accidents, many come to us here at Kelly, Symonds & Reed LLC wanting to know if they can hold the parents responsible. 

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