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Criminal records and job seeking

People in Missouri who want to find a new job after being convicted of a criminal offense may feel discouraged before they even submit one application. This can be due to the fact that they assume once an employer knows they have a criminal past, the company will no longer consider their candidacy. Monster does acknowledge that the use of background checks is extremely prevalent in today's society with as many as 93% of companies running checks on job candidates according to a 2017 Background Screening Trends and Best Practices Report by Sterling Talent Solutions.

Shifts seen in who pays alimony

If you are like most people in Missouri, you likely know at least one divorced man who has been required to make alimony payments to his former wife. For some time, this was a relatively normal component in the average divorce settlement. This was a reflection in part on the fact that women either stayed at home to raise their children and did not have their own incomes at all or that whatever jobs women did have earned them much smaller salaries or wages than those earned by their husbands.

If Missouri police knock at your door, must you let them in?

It's Friday evening and you are glad to be relaxing at home with your family. You have plans for the weekend that include putting some burgers on the grill and inviting a few friends over for some drinks. Imagine that you and your spouse are just sitting around, talking about what side-dishes you'll serve with those burgers when there's an unexpected knock at your door.

Managing debt through a divorce

Debt seems to be something that most people in Missouri face in some way. It is all but impossible to buy a car or certainly a house without amassing some serious debt. In addition, credit cards have come to be a commonly used form of payment across the country in today's society. While all of this is normal, it can pose unique challenges for people when they face an impending divorce.

Signs that a Missouri driver might be intoxicated at the wheel

When you're traveling on a Missouri highway, you may feel nervous or even frightened if there's a lot of traffic and one or more drivers appear to be disregarding certain laws. For instance, it's never pleasant to share the road with someone who is tailgating you, or with someone whose speed is exceeding the posted limit. Such situations can be highly stressful.

Reducing the risk of winter accidents and injuries

Most Missouri residents know that snowy winter weather may lead to slips, falls and injuries. For business owners, it may be especially important to find ways to make their properties safer for employees and visitors. There are several steps employers may take to reduce the chances of slips, falls and other accidents happening during the winter.

How does Missouri's zero tolerance law affect minors?

As a Missouri resident, you have likely heard about the state government's "zero tolerance" policy for drinking and driving. There state's DWI laws cover several different charges, and there may be severe penalties if you drive while intoxicated or refuse to take a test for blood alcohol concentration. If you are under 21 years old, however, there are additional aspects of the zero tolerance policy that may affect you.

What are some special restrictions for sex offenders?

Based on some high-profile court cases involving sexual offenses, the law on the federal and state levels has changed when it comes to the punishment of sexual offenders. You may have heard of laws such as Megan's Law or The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act. These laws have helped to shape the registration requirements for such offenders. The state of Missouri has also made special registration requirements for sexual offenders.

What happens if you owe child support and are in prison?

Child support is not a punishment. It is a way for the state to guarantee that both parents support and care for a child. However, to some in Missouri, it may seem like a punishment. Specifically, if you are in prison, having a child support obligation can become a nightmare.

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