Which type of collision is the most dangerous?

As you probably know, motor vehicle accidents cause serious injuries every day. You would be more likely to get injured on the Missouri roadways than almost anywhere else in the state. Every problem requiring medical attention is serious, but the extent and type of your injury would usually depend on the nature of the collision involved.

The three major types of collisions are rear end, T-bone and head on. Your likelihood for sustaining certain injuries goes up or down depending on the kind of event. Of course, other factors could also contribute to your risks, such as safety precautions in your vehicle, your personal characteristics and the speed of both cars.

Rear-end collisions are relatively common, and you would generally not be at fault for these types of incidents. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, there is a high likelihood you chould sustain neck and spine injuries in these scenarios.

T-bone collisions occur when a car strikes your vehicle from the side. These would often be the responsibility of reckless or distracted drivers who run red lights or ignore signals. You could have serious injuries from high-speed lateral-impact collisions, including lacerations, bruising, organ damage and bone fractures.

Head-on collisions could be the most dangerous. This is because your car and the vehicle with which you collide would both probably contribute some force. The most likely injury in these cases would be traumatic brain injury from striking a steering wheel or a dashboard.

There is much more then the details of the collisions that would go into determining the arguments for your injury case. Therefore, do not view this as legal advice. It is only meant as general information. 


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