Alternative to a prenuptial agreement

As an engaged couple in Missouri, you may not think that you need a prenuptial agreement, whether it is because you cannot imagine getting divorced or neither of you have significant assets. However, after saying ‘I do,’ you may realize you made a mistake by not protecting yourself. If this is the case, do not fret because you can do a postnuptial agreement, which includes similar information as a prenup.

According to Forbes, couples may enter into a postnuptial agreement shortly after the marriage or years after tying the knot. One of the benefits of doing it a little later is you both have a better idea of what your financial issues may be, so the agreement can be more specific. Even if you never get a divorce, a postnup can help you have difficult discussions around money and assets and put you both on a similar path.

Are you wondering what to put in a postnuptial agreement? Most of them include similar information as to what goes into a prenup. discusses material you should place into a pre- or postnup. The most common is how to divide wealth, assets and debt in the event of divorce, but an agreement can outline many other things as well. For example, you may include lifestyle clauses such as who gets the family pet, what happens if one of you has an affair or rules around social media posts. You can also update a postnuptial agreement as life changes and new factors call for new considerations.



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