How to avoid messy child custody battles

If you are separating from your partner in Missouri, you might believe that a messy custody battle is inevitable. However, deciding custodial rights and privileges need not be a battle or messy. For the best interest of the children, it should be a partnership. At Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC., we understand that this can only happen if both parents come to this agreement, together.

According to CNN, 80 percent of custodial parents are mothers. This may be because women are often considered to be the better caregivers. This bias may often unconsciously creep into custodial court decisions, causing men to feel slighted. Even so, whether you are the mother or father, here are just a few ways to keep the separation peaceful as you work through custodial rights.

Be calm

You may have plenty of reasons to be angry, but you have one to remain calm that trumps all others. That reason is the safety and well-being of your child. If you approach the situation with emotions on the loose, you may only make your partner more defensive. This could mean losing concessions he or she may have otherwise agreed to, while painting a picture in court of a parent who is not able to keep emotions in check.

Step up

If you believe you are the less likely of the parents to receive custodial rights, show your willingness to cooperate from the earliest stages. Many couples avoid the need to ever step into a courtroom because the father (or mother) who did not have full custodial rights volunteered financial contributions and willingness to share responsibilities from the start.

Talk to the children

Children are smarter than people give them credit for. While it may be ill-advised to place all the hard decisions in their hands, involving them in a process put in place for their well-being helps to ensure their needs are met. The older the children are, the more important this is. For instance, if the children want to see the noncustodial parent more often and there is no threat of abuse or danger, then it is a good idea to honor this desire where possible.

For both married and unmarried couples, working out child custody arrangements can be tough. If you would like to know more about parents’ rights during a custody battle, please take a look at our webpage. Visit our webpage for more information about child custody.


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