Getting the divorce support you need

What happens when you suddenly have to do a detailed self-audit after several years of having someone else help you with your bills, investments or even your retirement accounts? That is the question that we see many divorce litigants asking. 

At the law firm of Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, we understand that some of the terms associated with law and money make the process of going through Missouri divorce courts difficult. That is why we try to make it as simple as possible to understand the financial side of the process.

We realize that divorce is a hard emotional time for many, especially when it comes to establishing trust. After all, you would be likely to find yourself as an adversary to a person who had once supported you.

That is why we take a compassionate approach to these cases, listening to and consulting with each of our clients to understand their exact goals. After this, we would then proceed to advise on the various detailed aspects of splitting up property: 

  • Tax penalties
  • Debt acquisition
  • Equitable division

We briefly covered, in a previous article, how to set up a complete overview of marital assets. This is when our extended network comes in.

We work with a variety of professionals who would provide evaluations of various unique properties, such as works of art and parcels of real estate. With all of this information at hand, we would then craft the most compelling argument possible to secure your goals. Please read more on our main site.


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