Can you sue if you are injured at a concert?

Most concerts in Missouri are relatively peaceful. That is to say that violence rarely erupts on a large scale. One of the reasons for this level of safety and order is that venue owners and entertainment providers go to great lengths in order to secure their facilities.

While some facilitators perform this work because they have a genuine desire to prevent injury, some also may do it simply to avoid a lawsuit. Generally speaking, anyone who is in charge of the event or of the building holding the event could be liable for injuries you sustained while enjoying the show.

The landlord of a building or the organizer of an event may not be directly responsible for you. However, these individuals or companies could be responsible for any lapses in security or crowd control that led to your involvement in a dangerous situation. Especially when it comes to chaotic events, such as concerts, bar shows and festivals, you could benefit from recording details of any injuries you might sustain, as well as the context of those injuries.

An article in FindLaw mentions two injury cases that might surprise you. These examples, one of a woman injured in a crowd-surfing incident and another of a man injured in a fight, may not be too far from some of the out-of-control situations you yourself have seen in concerts. The activity and energy of a large crowd are probably among the reasons you attend concerts in the first place, but you would not expect the fun to result in a costly and potentially life-altering medical condition.

There are many things that could contribute to the success of a concert injury case, including the size of the event and the specifics of the venue. Please do not take this as legal advice. It is only intended to form a background of information.


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