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How much alimony am I on the hook for?

While marriage is generally about new beginnings, divorce is more closely associated with endings. While a divorce certainly ends a marriage, some couples might still associate with one another for several reasons. Things like child custody and support keep some Missouri ex-spouses tied together for several years after, but what about alimony?

Injuries that may result from plastic surgery

What sets plastic surgery apart from other forms of surgery done in Missouri is that plastic surgery is often viewed as an elective and unnecessary procedure. However, the fact remains that plastic surgery, no matter the motivation behind it, should be conducted with the appropriate care or serious personal injury may result. According to Heathline, there are a number of health problems that can result from plastic surgery, and it is important to be aware of them.

Per se laws complicate your DUI arrest

Having a couple of drinks with friends may be something you look forward to every Friday or Saturday night. In fact, if you are a social drinker, you may have a pretty good idea of your limits for alcohol consumption, when to cut yourself off and when you have had too much to drive home safely. If you base these things on how you feel, you may not have an accurate idea of your risks.

Field sobriety test inaccuracy rates

Like most people in Missouri, you have probably heard people talk about the field sobriety tests that may be used when a driver is suspected of being impaired. However, you may not fully understand what these tests are or how inaccurate they may really be. This can be important to anyone who has been charged with driving while intoxicated as they need to learn their defense options.

Reckless drivers continue to plague Missouri

If you are like most people in Missouri, you are more than aware that driving after consuming alcohol is dangerous. The state of Utah has even lowered its legal blood alcohol limit for drivers to 0.05 percent based in part on the recommendation of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Another dangerous choice too many drivers make is to exceed the speed limit. These two factors tragically contribute to numerous deaths every year.

How to avoid messy child custody battles

If you are separating from your partner in Missouri, you might believe that a messy custody battle is inevitable. However, deciding custodial rights and privileges need not be a battle or messy. For the best interest of the children, it should be a partnership. At Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC., we understand that this can only happen if both parents come to this agreement, together.

Getting the divorce support you need

What happens when you suddenly have to do a detailed self-audit after several years of having someone else help you with your bills, investments or even your retirement accounts? That is the question that we see many divorce litigants asking. 

How do you divide a home in a divorce?

You probably do not go through life simply thinking about money all the time. In fact, even if you were a financial professional, you may not have a complete handle on your own financial state all the time. Like many people in Missouri, you probably focus on making money rather than counting it.

Can you sue if you are injured at a concert?

Most concerts in Missouri are relatively peaceful. That is to say that violence rarely erupts on a large scale. One of the reasons for this level of safety and order is that venue owners and entertainment providers go to great lengths in order to secure their facilities.

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