What to expect at a Missouri child support modification hearing

When you have a child support arrangement in place in Missouri, a time may come when the party either paying or receiving support has reason to request a child support modification to change the amount paid or received. If the party paying the support objects to the requested change, the next step may involve having both of you attend a child support modification hearing. At Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, we have helped many clients both requesting and contesting child support modifications, and our broad knowledge of the system and process have helped many people facing similar circumstances pursue solutions that fit their needs.

Per the Missouri Courts, you will need to provide certain documentation when your child support modification hearing takes place, furnishing items that include a Parenting Plan, Form 14, and the proposed Judgment of Modification of Child Custody and/or Support. You will also need to contact the clerk’s office directly to make sure the court has everything it needs from you in advance of the event.

Once you can confirm that the court has everything it needs and that your hearing date is still accurate, you will want to get as familiar with your case as possible so you can make your argument in front of the judge. The more you know about the case, your child’s needs and so on, the more likely you are to achieve a favorable outcome.

On the day or your hearing, err on the side of caution and arrive ahead of schedule to leave plenty of time for security and unanticipated delays. Make sure any witnesses you have coming to speak on your behalf do the same. Dress professionally, and anticipate that the judge may or may not render an immediate decision. In some cases, he or she may delay issuing a final decision about your child support modification and instead notify you in writing at a later date. You can find more about family law on our webpage.


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