Have millennial drivers earned their bad reputation?

Millennials nowadays have a reputation for being lazy, entitled and unreliable, and while some of these claims are likely without much merit, there is one area in which it seems they have earned their bad reputation: on the road. Millennial drivers across Missouri and the rest of the country are so bad, in fact, that the vast majority of them admit to taking unnecessary risks behind the wheel. When they do so, however, they endanger themselves and everyone else who crosses their path.

According to USA Today, an alarming 88 percent of American motorists between the ages of 19 and 24 admit to engaging in risky behaviors while driving. Many of them are also frequent offenders, with some admitting to performing certain dangerous driving actions within the past 30 days. Just what types of risky driving behaviors are today’s millennial motorists adopting?

As you might imagine, texting, emailing or sending other electronic communications while at the wheel is a major problem among those in this age group, with nearly 60 percent of about 2,500 drivers admitting to doing so within the last month. Comparatively, only about 31 percent of drivers in other age ranges acknowledged doing the same within the past 30 days.

Millennials are also taking unnecessary risks when it comes to red lights, with almost half of those surveyed saying they had run red lights despite having been able to stop without much trouble. Speeding in school zones, also, is a too-common millennial driving habit, with about 12 percent of millennial motorists admitting to traveling at least 10 mph over the limit in these areas.

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