Marriages can be strained during and after the holiday season

Approaching the holidays, you may have noticed your marriage is under a lot more pressure than usual. Whether you are just beginning to experience marital disharmony, or you have been unhappy with your union for a long time, we at the law firm of Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, know that the holidays can be difficult for Missouri residents. In fact, the period after Christmas and New Year’s signals the start of what many family law attorneys call “divorce season.”

Is divorce season really a thing, you might wonder? Business Insider explains that there is typically a jump in divorce filings every January, and finalized divorces start to peak in February and March. There are many reasons couples choose this time of year to end their marriages. Like other people, you might see the beginning of a new year as a time of change and hope, as well as a time to end things that make you miserable and unhappy. You and your spouse may have attempted to patch up your rocky marriage during the holidays, only to realize when they were over that nothing had changed for the better. The stress of the holiday season may have been enough to break your marriage. Or, you might have already decided to file for divorce, but you wanted to wait until the end of the year for tax purposes.

Every situation is different, just as everyone has a reason for the timing of their divorce. As our page on divorce explains, you may need to seek experienced counsel before you decide to file.


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