How much does a Missouri DUI affect auto insurance rates?

When a judge or jury convicts you of drinking and driving in Missouri, you can expect that your life will become exponentially more difficult in numerous ways. While a DUI can make it hard to find a job, hold down a job and otherwise keep up with your responsibilities, it can also prove tremendously expensive once you factor in fines, possible ignition interlock requirements and insurance rate hikes, among related expenses.

According to, you can anticipate that your auto insurance rates will rise sharply if you have a conviction for a DUI on your record. Why? Automotive insurance companies will see you as more of a “gamble” after a DUI, meaning they view you as a potential liability and will expect you to pay accordingly. So, how much of an insurance hike might you expect after a DUI?

When they do not have DUIs on their driving records, most Missouri drivers pay about $1,288 annually for car insurance. After a DUI, however, the average Missouri motorist will pay $2,117 in annual auto insurance, which is a notable increase of 64 percent and $829 each year.

If your insurer raises your car insurance rates to a level you are not comfortable with in the wake of a DUI, you may want to shop around for another provider, but you may have trouble doing so. Some insurers are hesitant to extend coverage to drivers who already have DUIs on their records. Your current insurer may also decide to drop you from coverage entirely in the aftermath of a DUI, and having this “black mark” on your record can make it even more difficult to find another company to take you on.

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