When you drive in Missouri, watch out for these hazards!

Perhaps you consider yourself a seasoned expert at navigating high-traffic roadways in Missouri because you’ve been making the same morning and evening commutes for 10 years or more. Then again, you may have only recently moved to this state and are still getting used to its motorists and pedestrians.  

Whether you have been driving on Missouri highways for decades or are still finding your way around town, the last thing you want is to wind up in the back of an ambulance following a motor vehicle collision. There are several red flag issues that increase your risk of injury while driving or traveling as a passenger in someone’s vehicle. While you may not be able to avert a collision, it still helps to know where seek support in the aftermath

Road hazards that put you at risk 

If there were a way to completely avoid problems on the road 100 percent of the time, every driver would do it. Part of what makes accidents so disastrous is that they often happen quite suddenly and unexpectedly with little to no time to safely react to avoid collision. The following list includes some of the worst dangers you may encounter when you get behind the wheel:  

  • Objects hitting your windshield: Have you ever been traveling behind a truck when a part of the load it is hauling breaks free and flies off the vehicle or trailer? Not only is it terrifying, it can cause you serious injury if it hits your vehicle. 
  • Wildlife: Especially if you are driving in rural areas, at certain times of year, there is a great risk that a deer, bear or other animal could be in the road. Hitting an animal that weighs several hundred pounds while traveling at highway speeds can cause a lot of damage. 
  • Vehicles moving slowly: Instant danger arises if you are driving at 55 or more miles per hour and you suddenly come upon a slow-moving vehicle. SMVs are vehicles that travel at approximately 30 miles per hour or less and unexpectedly encountering one can be hazardous.  

As a licensed driver in Missouri, you, of course, understand that you must always be on the lookout for pedestrians. There is another category of people, however, who place you at great risk for injury while driving, and that is distracted drivers. It is not always possible to recognize signs of distracted driving, such as drivers who are daydreaming. One minute might be uneventful and the next, disastrous if one of these drivers is in your midst.  

Post-accident support 

In addition to police, rescue workers, hospital workers and insurance agents, many accident victims wind up speaking with experienced legal advocates who are well versed in personal injury law, especially if they plan to pursue litigation against negligent drivers.


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