Attention, Missouri travelers: A distracted driver might be near

Do you know that studies show that, in motor vehicle collisions in Missouri and other states, as many as two out of every three vehicle operators were driving distracted just before they crashed? That basically means you are at risk for a distracted driving accident every time you get behind the wheel or travel as a passenger in someone’s car, or even as a pedestrian.  

If you have a teenager in your household, he or she belongs to one of the most high-risk categories of people who are likely to die in distracted driving accidents. In fact, a distracted driving collision is the number one cause of death for people of this age group. You can be as proactive as possible to try to improve your own safety on the road. If you suffer an injury in a collision a distracted driver caused, you can seek legal accountability against him or her.  

Wait until you’re not driving to do these things 

It’s so easy to become distracted while driving, although you may not even realize the danger in certain behaviors. The following list includes high-risk situations that you’ll want to avoid if you are behind the wheel:  

  • If you’re hungry or thirsty, it is best to satisfy these needs when you are not driving. Many distracted driving accidents happen when someone is eating or drinking while driving; a drip of burger sauce or spill of hot coffee in the lap is all it takes to cause a serious accident.
  • The same goes for personal grooming. If you need to trim your mustache or apply your favorite lipstick before meeting up with a special someone or attending a business meeting, try to take care of those needs before you leave your home because doing so while driving takes your eyes off the road and places you and those nearby at great risk for injury.
  • Sleepy driving is just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. If you feel tired, ask someone else for a ride, use public transportation or try to get adequate rest before you drive so that you can remain alert from the time you start your car until you reach your destination.
  • You may be one of many who enjoy listening to music in the car. If so, you lower your risk for collision if you make sure to load your playlist before you hit the road. 
  • The same goes for global positioning devices and other electronic equipment. Steer clear of manual, cognitive and visual distractions by keeping your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel at all times. 

If you and your family members keep these helpful tips in mind every time you navigate Missouri roadways, you are less likely to receive injury in a motor vehicle collision. However, since two out of three accidents involve distracted drivers, it means that no matter how alert and cautious you are, danger may still be lurking nearby.  

Support in the aftermath of a distracted driving accident 

Obtaining swift medical attention is always a priority if you suffer injury in a car accident. The law stands ready to hold any person who could have easily prevented a collision were it not for driver negligence legally accountable for his or her actions.


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