Relocating with your kids

Your main goal following your divorce in Lee’s Summit is likely to move on to the next chapter of your life. Of course, that can often be difficult when surrounded by reminders of your prior one. For this reason, many in your same position come to us here at Kelly, Symonds & Reed LLC wanting to know what obstacles they may encounter if they choose to move away with their children. If you have been contemplating a relocation, then you will want to know what processes need to be followed in order to avoid the potential troubles that can come from an unauthorized move. 

To be clear, the court likely will not forbid you from moving. What it can do, however, is modify your custody arrangement in a manner unfavorable to your new circumstances. Section 452.377 of Missouri’s Revised Statutes requires that you notify all parties to your custody case of your intentions at least 60 days prior to moving. This notification should contain the following information: 

  • The city you plan to move to, as well as your new address and phone number (if you already have a home there)
  • The date you plan on leaving
  • Your reasons for wanting to relocate

If the relocation will affect your ex-spouse’s access to your kids, you are also required to submit a proposed revised custody and/or visitation schedule. Your chances of avoiding added stress due to your move might greatly increase if you include your ex-spouse in coming up with this revised agreement. That may certainly be preferable to having them object to the move, which could result in the court deciding how your custody arrangement should be modified. 

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