Is your spouse keeping financial secrets?

If you say that, on occasion, you haven’t been completely honest with your spouse about money, you likely wouldn’t be the only person in Missouri to admit such indiscretion. Perhaps you spent a bit more than you and your spouse had agreed upon and you were worried that he or she would be angry with you if you told the truth. While dishonesty is never advisable in a marriage, it is not uncommon for spouses to tell each other half-truths or small fabrications when they are trying to avoid an argument.  

That’s quite different, however, from situations where a spouse is being completely financially dishonest on a regular basis. In fact, there are several types of financial secrets that often cause serious enough marital problems that one of the spouses involved files for divorce. If you are currently considering such action, you may want to start formulating a plan for your future. You might also want to research what type of support resources are available in your area.  

Is one or more of these issues causing marriage trouble for you? 

Keeping secrets is typically acceptable in a marriage if you’re doing it for a good reason, such as planning a birthday surprise for your spouse. If any of the following issues apply to your situation, however, you might have a serious problem on your hands

  • Did you think your spouse was going to work every day until you learned that he or she had lost a job some time ago and has been taking money out of your savings or emergency account to make it appear that he or she was making mortgage payments and taking care of other expenses?
  • If you and your spouse have an agreement that you always ask each other before spending money and you have recently learned that your spouse has been spending quite a bit of money on the sly, it might put a serious strain on your marriage. 
  • Maybe your spouse didn’t lose a job but actually got a raise in pay or a substantial bonus. The only problem is that your spouse never informed you of this good fortune. 
  • Were you under the impression that you and your spouse had all joint bank accounts until you discovered evidence that led you to find out that a separate, non-joint bank account existed in your spouse’s name? 

If such issues have led you to file for divorce, you’ll want to be extra cautious to make sure your spouse doesn’t try to hide assets during property division proceedings. It’s understandable that you’d feel betrayed and angry to learn that there have been money secrets in your marriage. However, it’s no reason to have to sit back and allow more secrets during divorce, especially when Missouri law require you to be fully transparent when it comes to listing your assets in divorce.


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